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Medtronic Headquarters Information

Medtronic is a public limited company in the health care sector listed on the New York stock exchange under the ticker MDT. It makes medical equipment and appliances and is involved in medical technology research. The company’s medical devices and technology are popular in hospitals used by clinicians, physicians, and patients globally.

The company was founded by Earl Bakken and his brother-in-law Palmer Hermundslie in 1949 in the Northeast Minneapolis. Medtronic began its growth in the 1950s; it all started with the development of custom devices. One such device includes the implantable pacemaker developed in 1960. Right now the company is arguably the world’s third largest medical device company. With over 85,000 employees, more than 53,000 patents specializing in technology, services and solutions, and with operations spanning over 160 countries, it may be trailing only Johnson & Johnson, and General Electric Co or Siemens AG. Until very recently, Medtronic controlled more than 35% of the spine market.

Medtronic’s subsidiaries include Medtronic, Inc. and HeartWare International, Inc. They operate in four segments as follows:

Medtronic Logo
  • The Cardiac and Vascular Group: Deals with devices and that addresses cardiac rhythm and heart failure.
  • Minimally Invasive Technologies Group: Focuses on solutions in areas of surgery, and patient recovery and monitoring.
  • Restorative Therapies Group: Offers surgical technology, neuromodulation, and neurovascular solutions.
  • Diabetes Group: Intensive and Non-Intensive Diabetes Management services, therapies and solutions.

Medtronic Headquarters Info

The company has its headquarters in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. You can find this information on the company’s contact page.


Principal Executive Office:

20 Lower Hatch Street

Dublin 2, Ireland.


Operational Headquarters:

710 Medtronic Parkway, Fridley

Minneapolis, Minnesota



Phone Number

You can reach the offices through the US toll-free number (800) 633-8766. However, those from other geographical areas can use the number (763) 514-4000. All clients who would want a response on the same business day are advised on the company website to call the either of the numbers, depending on your locality.


You will also find a ‘Contact Us’ form available on the contact us page of the company’s website.


The official website is HTTP://WWW.MEDTRONIC.COM. The site has all the details regarding the company and its subsidiaries.

The company Executives

Omar Syed Ishrak: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and also the Chairman of the Board.

Michael J. Coyle: Executive Vice President (EVP), and President, Cardiac and Vascular Group

Karen L. Parkhill: Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and EVP

Carol A. Surface: Chief Human Resource Officer, and Senior Vice President (SVP)

Hooman C. Hakami: EVP, and Group President – Medtronic Diabetes Group

Bryan C. Hanson: EVP, and Group President – Minimally Invasive Therapies Group

Robert ten Hoedt: EVP, and President – Europe, Middle East and Canada (EMEAC)

Bradley E. Lerman: SVP, Corporate Secretary, and General Counsel.

Geoffrey S Martha: SVP – Strategy and Business Development

Richard H. Anderson: Lead Independent Director


Medtronic Headquarters Location

710 Medtronic Parkway, Fridley Minneapolis, Minnesota 55432-5604, United States

5 Reviews
  1. David Ayaga  Reply

    The devices use the usual Enlite sensor. So it doesn’t warrant to be called an artificial pancreas as it is the case out there. Among the things that have changed include the “paradigm” pump platform – redesigned and engineered to completely differently. What’s its buttons are borrowed from Apple’s iPod, which makes navigation much intuitive.
    One thing though, it more steps to open the “bolus wizard” bolus than in the earlier models. But this can be excused for the new advanced programming menu. I’m still looking into it and will definitely write a complete review about it. Anyway, Medtronic’s products are saving lives, and that’s all that matters!!

    1. Walter Oduor  Reply

      Talking about the 630G, it comes with a transmitter that communicates with the glucose sensor using high frequency, which widens its width of coverage and reduces cases of lost signals.

      What’s more, the device has a louder and better alarm than before. The pump also can either beep or vibrate and also do both simultaneously. Earlier, you could only choose one option. And if you love playing around water, 630G should be your companion as it is 100% waterproof.

  2. Francis Gunja  Reply

    A friend told me that Medtronic is creating a news system that automatically adjusts the sugar levels. But as usual, I suppose it will take them ages to get it approved and avail it in the market. Meanwhile its 630G is not bad all; it has quite number of upgrades that enhance safety and makes it easy to ease-of-use.

    Just a few more pieces towards completing the closed-loop puzzle.

    1. Walter Oduor  Reply

      The device is in question is the Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G hybrid insulin pump. It offers a more precise continuous glucose monitoring. It was actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last October. This move was lauded to be a step in the right direction in quest to develop an artificial pancreas.

      The 670G will help contain the high-risk times on both high and low sugar levels by reducing glucose variability, and therefore minimize the hassle associate with diabetes. Though it is yet to be officially launched, the people living with diabetes can actually smile as we world move closer to deliver on a permanent cure for diabetes. The 670G will be launched in spring this year.

  3. Dr. Greg Agumba  Reply

    It is important to mention that the 670G algorithm is integrated within the pump and doesn’t need a Smartphone like the closed-loop control systems. All you need is to put on the Guardian CGM sensor together with the MiniMed 670G pump. It neither requires you to carry a phone or a separate receiver

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